Alisa Verner
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на сайте опубликовано 602 фото (!) без ретуши) а что Вы думаете о фотографиях без ретуши?

Photoshoot for
602 photos (!) without retouch are published on that site) and what do you think about photos without retouching?
Would you like to see models completely natural, with all the flaws, with bruises, stretch marks and folds?)
Juan Pablo
Stella,hermosa,dulce,sexy ymuy Hot.Me encanta
Very nice body. Post more, thank you ; )
I think your judgement on that is best; your models are all so fit and sexy that little is needed for my eyes. However if a good shot would be touched up to be a great shot, then go for it. Your work is art and I must compliment you on your awareness and use of light; that makes the models come to life on the flat surface of a photo. Keep it up, Alisa.
Alisa Verner:
thank you!)
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