Jason Taylor
Simply Stunning... a gift to the eyes and imagination.
Ч/Б отлично смотрится а на пленку было бы ещё лучшее...
Alisa Verner:
на плёнку очень хочется поснимать, подумываю об этом
Ms. Verner:
Superb photography // superb subject.
You really owe it to the world to do another shoot with Lesya!
Many thanks.

Alisa Verner:
Thank you! We have already done two!) one I will publish soon, and the next one a little later (it will be summer photos in a bikini, I can't wait to publish them!)
May I ask a follow-up question: whether you will publish the two new Lesya sessions here in this gallery in the same format?
Somehow your great sequences not only highlight the girls' beauty -- but they tell a story. I feel like I have been so incredibly fortunate to have met them, that you have spent the time introducing them to us -- and, if it doesn't sound too presumptuous, that I even know them a little bit now.
Extraordinary artistry! Brava! Brava!
Не надо прятать соски. Было бы в два раза эффектнее. Да и без трусиков можно иногда. Очень красивая девушка.
Alisa Verner:
ну тут модель решала, готова ли она всё показать или хочет что-то оставить в тайне)
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