Женщина - Сказка и конфеткА...
Mouthwatering Slavic beauty
Very nice - the backlit image, with the model framed by the vertical window in the red-brick wall, where she is tilting her head forward, holding one shoe - it is just perfect. Image #9, I think. Very, very fine work. The contrast between the perfect reverse curves of the model's body, directly framed by the rectangular red brick - and with the back-lighting done at just the right level - it's wonderful. It's like a floating dream-image - a perfect contrast between smooth curved flesh, and solid, manufactured rectangular brick - with the window behind, looking like a portal to some kind of floating world of pure light. It's like something out of a 21st century version of a Dziga Vertov film: Maybe called: "Woman with a Digital Camera" ...
You do nice work, Alisa.
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