Great enjoyable collection,thanks .
2970.jpg is a real ballerina?
Alisa Verner:
yes, she is)
Who is the first woman? With the Curley red hair. While her face isn’t shown I can defiantly recognize her from somewhere 🤔
Your sensibility to highlight the natural beauty of your models and capture their flirtation with the camera is very impressive. You're able to get all your models to really connect with the camera. That says a lot about your dedication, communication and appreciation of your models. Each one of them seems happy to be working with you. I imagine there is an atmosphere of warmth and respect on your shoots.

Thank you for producing such beautiful art with these very talented women.
Alisa Verner:
James, thank you so much! I'm very pleased with such reviews as yours! I'm glad you feel it all, I appreciate it
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